DynOptic’s range of opacity, particulate and dust monitors are supplemented with a variety of accessories designed to assist with installation, operation and maintenance and to ensure optimum performance and reliability.

Air Purge Systems are designed to protect the optical surfaces of the instruments from contamination by particle depositions and the damaging effects of heat and/or corrosive stack gas.

Blower 3-webAir Purge Blower Kit

Standalone air purge blower system consisting of a rotating fan; an air inlet filter and connection fittings


Compressed-air-kit-webCompressed Air Purge Kit

Regulated filter assembly to control the pressure
and clean the compressed purge air


Fail-Safe-Shutter-CompleteFail Safe Shutter

In situ system to automatically isolate the opacity monitor and protect the optical surfaces from the stack gas contamination in the event of the loss of purge airflow.



Operational Accessories

DSCUDSCU Operator Interface

Universal operator interface compatible with the DSL range of instruments for local visual display of readings, fault warning or alarm conditions


 Calibration Checking

DSL-CH350A - web #1

 Calibration head assembly and zero/span filters to enable routine calibration checking of the instrument





Installation Accessories

Mounting Flange Kit-webMounting Flange Kit

Pre-fabricated mounting flange extensions for fitting of DSL instruments to the stack.


  Laser AlignmentDSL-LAT08 - web Tool

To assist with aligning the instrument heads across the stack



WeathHead Weather Cover-weber Covers

Additonal protection for the instrument heads against more extreme environmental conditions such as high temperatures.text to be added





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We have worked with DynOptic for several years. The equipment is sensibly priced, reliable and very easy to commission and service. The after-sales backup is excellent.

Dave Grant

DynOptic Systems

DSL-460 MkII - advanced double pass instrument for monitoring visible opacity (0 – 100 %) and/or particulate density (mg/m³) in combustion and air filtration processes.
SM-202M – long established smoke monitor for measuring visible opacity and smoke emissions in marine boiler and diesel engine exhausts gases.
DSL-230 MkIII – conventional single pass particulate monitor for measuring particulate density (mg/m³) in combustion and air filtration processes.