Particulate monitors

With the advent of specific process emission limits being defined, continuous particulate monitoring has become a regulatory requirement for many industries.

smoke stack #1Particulate monitoring requires the measurement of the mass concentration of particulate matter in stack emissions to atmosphere. There is no known method of continuously measuring particulate concentration by direct measurement and therefore, all continuous particulate measurement methods are inferential.

Each method involves the measurement of a parameter related to particulate concentration and then requires a calibration to be determined to convert the measured value into one of particulate mass concentration.

DynOptic currently offers three different particulate monitors which each use the open path light transmission technique.

DSL-230 MkIII Single Pass Particulate Monitor

DSL-330 MkIII Double Pass Particulate Monitor

DSL-460 MkII Double Pass Opacity and Particulate Monitor

In order to output particulate concentration in mg/m3, a Density Scale Factor (DSF) must be determined. The Density Scale Factor for any given installation will vary based on the type, shape, size and colour of the particles in the gas stream and therefore, the Density Scale Factor must be determined on site, through comparison of the instrument readings with an independent reference measurement*.

During normal operation:

Particulate concentration (mg/m3) = measured parameter x DSF


*It is recommended that standard reference measurement is made using gravimetric analysis based on isokinetic sampling of the gas stream such as EN13284-1:2002 or US EPA Method 5.


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DynOptic Systems

DSL-320 MkIII – classic double pass opacity monitor for measuring visible opacity (0 – 100 %) in combustion and air filtration processes.
DSL-240 MkIII – popular single pass DDP dust monitor for measuring large diameter particulate density (mg/m³) in cement, steel and wood processes.
DSL-230M - Lloyds Type Approved smoke density monitor for measuring smoke and particulate emissions (mg/m³) in marine boiler and diesel engine exhaust gases.