With more than 30 years of experience within the industry, DynOptic Systems has developed a diverse and innovative range of analysers with flexible configuration options to suit all types of applications.

We have worked with many leading industrial companies, across a broad range of manufacturing industries, to provide solutions to improve environmental performance and process control.

These Applications include:

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We have worked with DynOptic for several years. The equipment is sensibly priced, reliable and very easy to commission and service. The after-sales backup is excellent.

Dave Grant

DynOptic Systems

DSL-230 MkIII – conventional single pass particulate monitor for measuring particulate density (mg/m³) in combustion and air filtration processes.
DSL-340 MkIII – unique double pass DDP dust monitor for measuring large diameter particulate density (mg/m³) in cement, steel and wood processes.
DSL-220M - Lloyds Type Approved smoke opacity monitor for measuring visible opacity (0 – 100 %) in marine boiler and diesel engine exhaust gases.